Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here It Goes!

I’m just gonna lay this right out on the table: I’m extremely hesitant when it comes to the blog world.  When the thought came into my mind, “Maybe I’ll start a blog!”, I pretty quickly jumped to the conclusion that it would never last and I’d drop it like a hot potato in a months’ time…if that!  Lately, I have been so inspired by other women’s blogs that have the ability to bring me to the place of encouragement, motivation, or allow me to laugh out loud at the computer screen as if it magically turned into a human being sitting in front of me telling me a funny story. 

When I think about doing something BIG…meaning it’s going to take a lot of commitment…I think…and think…and think…

I get so wrapped up in my thoughts that it paralyzes me to actually DO anything.  So, I wanted to break that habit by really truly following through and starting this blasted blog.  With all this thinking, I realized that there is a definite fear of failure too.  As I was in the midst of my thinking process, I read a chapter in a book I’ve been working through that talks about the fear of failure.  Let me just share a few choice nuggets with you that really grabbed my attention:

Sometimes the fear of failure steals the beauty we were meant to create.”

“Assuming that God is calling you to do something, you will fail by being disobedient, not by a lack of success at the task.”

“Our natural reaction when we fear failure is either to hightail it out of that situation, or perhaps more likely, to procrastinate.”

Um, can I get an AMEN on that last one!?!?  I’ve been out of college for a number of years, but when I was the studious student back in the day “procrastination” was my middle name.  FEAR OF FAILURE.  One thing I know for sure though…I may have procrastinated beginning this blog out of my fear of failure, but I am praying that God uses my fear to bring Himself glory.  Maybe…just maybe God will use my blog to reach others just like many of the other blogs I’ve come across recently.  Maybe some place, somewhere, someone can relate.  So, here it goes!


  1. Emily,

    Would you be willing to share the blogs that inspired you to start blogging?

  2. Sure, I would be glad to! I've really enjoyed Sarah Mae @ Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee ( Also, there's a bunch of bloggers that contribute to (in)courage ( My one friend is at I noticed that you commented as "Anonymous." Do I know you? If not, just curious, how did you come across my blog?

  3. M!! Firstly, I am a bad friend for just starting to read your blog but have started right now and I will have to say that your first blog has been such an encouragement to me! I don't know if it's fear of failure that leads to my procrastination but I am to be honest tired of starting things and slacking off at some point. Your quotes have been a blessing and I will be thinking about this blog in my life. Thank you dear friend for your honesty! love you!